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Shuncay is my artist name as well as given name by the flower arrangement school master. My real name is Kazue Uematsu.

After graduating from university, I have been working for foreign-based advertising agency and financial institution in Tokyo.

At that time, I photographed snapshots during my travel and flowers & table coordinate that I loved, and my artist friends started asking me to take a photo of their portfolio. Around the same time, I was asked from my friends and acquaintances for their portraits, and this led me to go into the world of photograph.

While my focus is currently on portrait, maternity, and pet photos, I am also expanding my specialty to nature photos.
In particular, my flower photo has earned reputation of using natural light artfully to present beautiful flowers not only lovely and gentle, but enliven and illuminating.

Since my childhood, I have learned flower arrangement and tea ceremony and enjoyed Japanese culture. Now, my passion is here to visualize and represent the "subtle and profound" world of tea ceremony in photograph.

Education: Graduated from Yokohama National University